Legacy Gallery

As part of the Women+ in Geospatial mentorship programme, the cohort produce a ‘Legacy’ in their mentorship groups or mentor/mentee pairs. The aim of the Legacy is to give pairs/groups the opportunity to create something as a Legacy of their experience in the programme. The Legacy gives mentorship participants the chance to work towards a collective goal and a way to commemorate their mentorship journey.

This Legacy Gallery showcases the Legacy of the Women+ in Geospatial mentorship cohorts.

Blog: Starting Your Geo-Career

Authors: Arioluwa Aribisala and Claudia Blagu

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Blog, Career, Geospatial

Series of blogs aiming to help newbies in the geospatial domain navigate their way around the field easily, providing useful resources, steps, and key pointers to career success in the field.

Nature Based Solutions in Coastal West Africa

Authors: Divya Persaud and Breanna Nierlich

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Cartography, Nature Based Solutions

Map outlining areas of interest for nature based solutions (NBS) in littoral West Africa

Design for a Geospatial Traineeship

Authors: Peta Cox and Martina Smith

Tags: 2022 Cohort, StoryMap, Career, Traineeship

“Would you like to jumpstart your career in geospatial science?” StoryMap summarising the GeoQuest Traineeship and the opportunity for entry into the geospatial science world via an alternative pathway.

An intro to TorchGeo

Authors: Katie Awty-Carroll and Anne Mergy

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Torchgeo, Repository

Showcase of current Geospatial data science tools and transfer learning to perform land cover classification using limited resource usage.

Refugee Movements Due to the War in Ukraine

Authors: Inese Rēriha, Nadira Kercival, Alena Izotova and Mashal Riaz

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Ukraine, StoryMap

A time-lapse of refugee movement from Ukraine to surrounding countries between the period of February 2022 – November 2022.

Navigating the Geo-Conservation World

Authors: Claudia Blagu and Dagmara Pasiak

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Conservation

A Step-by-Step Guide to Geospatial Technology, Data Repositories, and Skills for Biodiversity Conservation.

Is it just me? Self-development Obstacles and Challenges

Authors: Sadie Harriott, Yuan-Jung Wang, Stien Heremans and Neil Brammall

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Survey, Career

Anonymous survey to measure the sentiment of the W+G community towards some of these self-development and career obstacles and challenges, and present the headline findings in a visual manner.

Assessing and Monitoring the Impacts of a Hailstorm on Crops

Authors: Meltem Gezici, Lily Innes Jones and Boineelo Moyo

Tags: 2022 Cohort, StoryMap, Weather

The assessment aims to analyze a hail event that occurred in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Canada, on the 4th of July 2020. The main objective was to delineate the affected areas of damaged agricultural land.

Community Impact Assessment of Women+ in Geospatial

Authors: Daria Ludtke, Yina Anyachebelu, Raphaelle Roffo and Alina Baetz

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Survey, Community

Survey of Women+ in Geospatial community members on employment opportunities, academic benefits and other benefits resulting from being part of W+G.

How far can you bike?

Authors: Katie Awty-Carroll and Eleanor Downie

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Cycling, Jupyter Notebook

Tool which allows users to see how far they can bike within a set time frame using the National Bike Network. This could be useful for cyclists who want to find new routes, and see what places they can visit within a set timeframe.

Map Your Path

Authors: Madison Draper and Francina Cabrera Fermin

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Career, Guide

Map Your Path is the ultimate guide for those looking to make a mark in the geospatial industry, offering practical tools and guidance to help you evaluate your progress and achieve your goals.

Emerging GIS Career Paths

Authors: Hannah Chou, Kelly Meehan, Tanya Tejassvi and Tarini Shukla

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Career, Interviews

Crowdsourced data (Interviews) from women in the Geospatial industry, about diverse career paths that they experimented and had success with.

A Comprehensive Guide for Conducting Geospatial Analysis

Authors: Tova Perlman and Maggie Zou

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Analysis, Guide

Guides, inspirations, and resources to help someone new to geospatial analysis start a project.

Mapping Illegal dumpsites in Zengeza, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Authors: Monalisa Maremba and Toby Wicks

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Dump Sites, StoryMap

Story Map showing a brief journey into the state and extent of these unauthorized dumping sites.

Working in the Geospatial Industry

Authors: Szilvia Szilagyi, Emma Sullivan, Ghina Koteich and Nivedhitha Ajithkumar

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Geospatial, Career

Career advice from GIS professionals in the geospatial industry for new joiners.

Everything You Need to Know When Considering Graduate School

Authors: Toby Wicks and Katherine Rocchio

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Graduate School

A brief overview of all the considerations and advice current graduate students can offer you when planning your own graduate school journey.

Volunteer Your GIS Skills – A Case Study

Authors: Angeline Meeks and Ansley Murphy

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Volunteer, Case Study

A geospatial guide for those who want to volunteer their time.

Using Remote Sensing to Assess Fire Anomalies in Ukraine

Authors: Emma Underwood and Daria Svidinska

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Career, Interviews

2022 Fire Anomalies in Ukraine Demonstrate Association with Military Action.

Developing a Personal Website

Authors: Crystal Wespestad and Divya Persaud

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Website, Portfolio

Personal website for Crystal Wespestad including core points of career and professional skills.

UK Residents Travel Trends Data Viz

Authors: Federica Moscato and Marta Villalobos

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Tableau, Data Visualisation

An interactive Tableau dashboard that allows the users to explore, visualize and compare the UK residents across the years. The main objective of this legacy project was to explore data viz tools

Population Analysis with Zonal Statistics

Authors: Mandy Maas and Priscilla Mbama Abasi

Tags: 2022 Cohort, Python, Statistics

Code calculating and visualising the population of districts in Madagascar using various python libraries.

Documenting ESRI’s Cartography MOOC

Authors: Charity Nduta, Sarah Kanee

Tags: 2021 Cohort, Cartography, MOOC

Video documenting experience undertaking one of ESRI’s MOOC. The MOOC was focused on the cartographic aspects of ArcGIS Pro. The overall experience was informative and the exposure to the cartographic capabilities of ArcGIS Pro was great.

Cracking Open the Technical Interview Black Box

Authors: Joanna Wilkin, Tova Perlman

Tags: 2021 Cohort, Webinar, Technical Interviews

A live webinar of panel speakers talking about their real world experiences with technical interviews, offering tips and tricks for how to complete interviews well, what to do when you can’t complete them and how best to answer technical questions. It included thoughts from interviewers on what makes a good technical interview for a job candidate.

Urban Heat Islands Mapping

Authors: Ghada Sahbeni, Yongyu He, and Aasia Wahab

Tags: 2021 Cohort, StoryMap, ESRI UC22, Climate Change, Sentinel 3

A comparative study about heat islands’ spatial distribution in two major European cities (i.e., Budapest and Munich) using Sentinel-3 SLSTR data acquired in August 2021.

Fighting Child Poverty in India

Authors: Yongyu He, Ghada Sahbeni and Aasia Wahab

Tags: 2021 Cohort, Article, Poverty, Zero Hunger, SDGs 

A short article addressing child poverty worldwide and particularly in India. This article was published in Maplines spring issue 2022.

A Glance at Gender Equity in Education

Authors: Aasia Wahab, Ghada Sahbeni and Yongyu He

Tags: 2021 Cohort, Article, Gender Equality, Quality Education, SDGs 

A short article addressing gender inequality worldwide and particularly in Pakistan. This article was published in Maplines summer issue 2022.

Satellite Imagery Evidence of Drought Effects on Lake Sevier, Utah

Authors: Alina Tarmu, Ambreen Masud

Tags: 2021 Cohort, Satellite, Leaflet, Python

A web page featuring a Leaflet map widget as well as a satellite imagery timelapse showing drought affecting Lake Sevier in Utah, USA.

Urban Mythbusters Volume 1

Authors: Deboleena Mazumdar, Mandy Maas

Tags: 2021 Cohort, Urban Myth, Amsterdam, Food

A geospatial exploration of tacos and tokos in the city of Amsterdam.

Lakes on Ice, from Space

Authors: Connie Harpur, Mandy Maas

Tags: 2021 Cohort, Google Earth Engine, Antarctica, Supraglacial Lakes

This blog post explores the use of satellite imagery in the Google Earth Engine Platform to detect and analyse supraglacial lakes in the Amery Ice Shelf in East Antarctica.

GIS Portfolio 101

Authors: Ayeisha Sheldon, Kathryn Berger, Tash Senior, Maria Rühringer

Tags: 2021 Cohort, ESRI Hub, Portfolio

Online webpage which highlights different aspects in creating a GIS portfolio, including examples and key resources for getting started. .

Highlighting the Hidden Figures of Women in the Geospatial Industry

Authors: Ariel Low, Helen Turvene, Aubin Douglas, Phoebe Ly

Tags: 2021 Cohort, Wikipedia, Women, Geospatial

We created Wikipedia pages to honour those women+ who have mapped the path forward, and to inspire the next generations of women+ geographers, mappers, and geospatialists.

The Sh*t You Don’t See on Someone’s CV

Authors: Alina Blume, Emma Pidduck

Tags: 2021 Cohort, Google Earth Engine, Antarctica, Supraglacial Lakes

CV with a combination of experience, both professional, but also personal to demonstrate the “real-life CV”

Cohort 3 Mentorship Network Catalog

Authors: Fernanda Ribeiro, Paige Krinks

Tags: 2021 Cohort, StoryMap, Survey, Statistics

An interactive catalog network of women from the 2021/22 mentorship cohort

Agriculture Commodity Mapping in Nigeria

Authors: Deborah Sobanke, Musa Chirikeni

Tags: 2021 Cohort, Tableau, Dashboard, Agriculture, Nigeria

Dashboard giving a full glimpse of cash crops produced in different states and LGAs in Nigeria. The commodities can be filtered by states or LGA to have a glimpse of where they are produced. The tree map gives a description of the highest producing state in Nigeria which is Kaduna state.

The Ocean in Focus

Authors: Ariana Yute, Ratna Prastyani, Annalie Agad, Iriz Angelica Rapacon

Tags: 2021 Cohort, Blog, Pollution, Marine, Indonesia, Philippines

The Ocean in Focus is a blog dedicated to increasing public awareness of marine debris in the oceans surrounding Indonesia and the Philippines. It compiles many resources about marine pollution and its effects, including interactive map.

Infographic on Women in Conservation and GIS

Authors: Alina Tarmu, Heather Peacock

Tags: 2020 Cohort, Article, Careers

An infographic that focuses on relevant statistics: numbers of women in these fields vs men; women of colour; the “leaky pipeline”.

Gender Dynamics in GIS

Authors: Dewi Spijkerman, Victoria Song

Tags: 2020 Cohort, Infographic, Video, Geography

Project looking at the gender dynamics and differences in opinions towards GIS as both a course and career option. Findings from a survey were summarised using an infographic and feature video.

Sustainable Development Goals

Authors: Argyro Kavvada, Darcy Gray

Tags: 2020 Cohort, StoryMap, Gender

A showcase of of projects addressing gender inequality through geospatial technologies and projects led by women in the geospatial field.

Capacity Building Database

Authors: Freja Hunt, Gemma Gass, Laure Boudinaud, Lorena Abad, Sofia Garcia, Tea Tuur

Tags: 2020 Cohort, Database, Training

A database of online courses to help you continue to build your expertise and keep up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and skills.

Urban Heat Islands

Authors: Laxmi Goparaju, Nontsikelelo Dupu

Tags: 2020 Cohort, Tutorial, Google Earth Engine

Research exploring the urban heat island effect in the Anthropocene age in relation to population, vegetation, urbanisation and climate changes.


Authors: Heather Kirkpatrick, Joan Vlasschaert, Kristen O’Shea, Melissa Sullivan, Nicole Yeung

Tags: 2020 Cohort, Social Media

A social media campaign called #TheyMapThePath. This campaign aimed to uplift and celebrate women; inspire geospatial communities; express gratitude.

The Geospatial Industry in Southern Africa

Authors: Deepthi Patric, Lynn Fanikiso

Tags: 2020 Cohort, Case Study, Geospatial

The state of the geospatial industry case study: Southern Africa

Map Challenge: Corporate Tax Havens

Authors: Katharine Hewlings, Kayla Rakes, Leah Bowyer, Olivia Wineski

Tags: 2020 Cohort, Video, Cartography

Map challenge: submitting a map to the Guerrilla Cartography map challenge. Map will be published in Shelter Atlas.

Detection of Vegetation Cover Change

Authors: Ghada Sahbeni, Kelebogile Basima and Sharon Omoja

Tags: 2020 Cohort, Research Paper, Land Cover

Study exploring the possibility of using NDVI classification derived from Landsat 8 OLI data to assess vegetation density change in Gospers Mountain between 2016 and 2020.

Studying the Geospatial Career Path

Authors: Elenora van Rijsingen, Esther Moore, Helen Whiteley, Katie Stenson, Stefanie Lumnitz

Tags: 2020 Cohort, Article, Careers

A survey distributed within the geospatial community with the aim to understand and visualize career paths of participants across the geospatial domain.

Celebratory Videos

At the end of each cohort a celebratory video marked the end of the programme, the video shares the work completed by the cohort and reflections on their time in the programme.

Celebrating the Women+ in Geospatial Mentorship Programme 2022-23

Celebrating the achievements and successes of the Women+ in Geospatial 2022-2023 Mentorship Programme members!

Celebrating the Women+ in Geospatial Mentorship Programme 2021-22

Celebrating the achievements and successes of the Women+ in Geospatial 2021-2022 Mentorship Programme members!

Celebrating the Women+ in Geospatial Mentorship Programme 2020-21

Celebrating the achievements and successes of the Women+ in Geospatial 2020-2021 Mentorship Programme members!

Forging a geospatial community where all genders can thrive.Inspire. Unite. Empower.