Stronger Together

What we are

Women+ in Geospatial is a global professional network to promote diversity and gender-equality in the geospatial industry and academia.

Our Mission & Vision

Our activities are there to:




Our story

The best is yet to come

It all started with a tweet in 2019, one day before International Women’s Day, asking women+ working in #gis, #earthobservation #mapping #geospatial to join a twitter list. Within two days, over 300 women+ joined this list, showing that there is a need for a community like Women+ in Geospatial.

We set up a mailing list and a Slack space and since 2019 have grown into a global community of more than 4100 women+ working in the geospatial community and academia.

Our activities aim to inspire, unite and empower women+ in the geospatial field to become strong leaders and changemakers. We run a mentorship programme, organise events and a webinar series on career development and developed a speakers database.

Since October 2021, Women+ in Geospatial is registered as a Community Interest Company in the UK.

Principles that guide our activities

Our core values

We arePassionate

Our passion for diverse representation unites us. We care about making a difference and do not hesitate to speak up for what we believe in.

We areSupportive

We support each other through listening, sharing technical knowledge and professional advice. Through lifting others, we all rise.

We areCreative

We thrive by learning and developing everyday. By fostering a ‘growth mindset’, we believe in challenging the status quo.

We areInclusive

We welcome members of any age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, income and status to join us on our mailing list and social media. Our Slack community is a safe space for underrepresented genders. We are respectful to each other and thrive through diverse perspectives. We are and always will be free to join.


Forging a geospatial community where all genders can thrive.Inspire. Unite. Empower.