Legacy Gallery: Cracking Open the Technical Interview Black Box

Cracking Open the Technical Interview Black Box

Authors: Joanna Wilkin, Tova Perlman

Webinar hosted on 26th May 2022: “Technical interviews are a challenging and frustrating part of a job interview process and can often leave you doubting yourself and your ability to do well in the position for which you are applying. They can often seem scary and intimidating, particularly if you’ve never taken one before. Come listen to our panel speakers talk about their real world experiences with technical interviews, offering tips and tricks for how to complete interviews well, what to do when you can’t complete them and how best to answer technical questions. It will also include thoughts from interviewers on what makes a good technical interview for a job candidate. By hearing from both job interviewees and interviewers, we can learn more and help you crack the mysterious technical interview black box.”


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