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Donations help us to cover operational costs to run the network.

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Women+ in Geospatial is 100% volunteer-run. Our activities are the result of the commitment and dedication of a great team of volunteers.

Yet, running a professional network still involves costs, such as the hosting of the website or various service subscriptions that help us to run our activities. Your support helps us to build up Women+ in Geospatial as a healthy and sustainable network that inspires, unites and empowers women+ in the geospatial community.

Women+ in Geospatial is a registered non-profit Community Interest Company; therefore, be ensured that 100% of donations will be used for developing the network and will benefit the Women+ in Geospatial community.

'If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.'

Become a sponsor

Are you a company or organisation and you want to support our mission? As a sponsor, you help us to scale existing activities or to kick start new ones. Please contact us for our sponsorship options.

Become a partner

Do you wish to partner with us? We partner with organisations and initiatives that share the same values and principles and whose mission is in line with ours. Please contact us to discuss our partnership options.

Inspire. Unite. Empower.

Spread the word

Let us challenge the status quo together. Some ideas how you can actively contribute to foster a geospatial community where all genders can thrive:

    • Share our network with your friends and colleagues.
    • Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.
    • Speak up and foster diversity in your workplace and at geospatial events and conferences


Forging a geospatial community where all genders can thrive.Inspire. Unite. Empower.