Mariam Crichton

Mariam Crichton has been the entrepreneurial driving force of the growth of many tech start-ups, over the last 16 years, including as a founder, chief executive, board member and visionary strategist with a track record of transforming innovative technology companies from startup to scaleup.

A passionate advocate of women in tech and diversity in leadership, Mariam is a public speaker, practical philosopher and has applied her diverse and innovative perspective to Geospatial and Earth Observation to global environmental impact, social impact in the global south as well as the UK property sector.

With an MESci Geophysics & Geology, Mariam started her career as a GIS digitizer and now provides global ESG location intelligence to the Sustainable Finance sector as founder and CEO of 7 Satya.

Being on the Women+ in Geospatial Board empowers Mariam to help break down the global systematic and social barriers to enable women to thrive in the working environment.