Julia Wagemann

Julia Wagemann is a data scientist, PhD candidate and community-builder who promotes the use of open Earth data to better tackle climate, environmental and societal challenges. Her work is in the intersection between data providers and users of Earth data, resulting in a strong ability to translate user needs into a compelling vision for user support, training services and business development. As an independent consultant, she has worked together with a range of leading companies and intergovernmental organisations to develop training on Earth data, programming and emerging technologies.

Julia is in the final stages of her PhD in Geography and Computer Sciences at University of Marburg, Germany. In her research, she aims for a better understanding of user requirements and training needs for cloud-based systems of Earth data.

By co-founding the professional network Women+ in Geospatial in March 2019, she follows her calling to improve diversity and gender-equality in the geospatial field. She co-developed a speakers database giving more visibility to women speakers and organises a webinar series on career development.

In 2021, out of 470 applicants, Julia was selected to be part of Homeward Bound #TeamHB6, a year-long professional leadership program for 100 Women in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) focussing on learning a new set of leadership principles centred around collaboration, inclusion and a legacy-mindset needed to take on responsibility for a future that is more sustainable, equal, inclusive and collaborative.