Nicole Yeung

Born in Canada and growing up in Hong Kong, Nicole leads her multi-cultural life and career journey with purpose, passion, and perseverance. 

As a Geomatics Technician at Parks Canada, Nicole innovates and implements geospatial solutions to support the Canadian government in managing and protecting national parks and historic sites. Grounded by her background and academic roots in Environmental Sciences, Nicole is enthusiastic about applying data sciences and visual storytelling to advocate for natural and cultural diversity.

Driven by her vision for Women+ and BIPOC representation in the Geospatial world, Nicole devotes her time to cultivate inspiration and growth in Women+ in Geospatial’s Mentorship community.

As a Co-Lead of the Mentorship Programme, Nicole thrives from collaborating with a team of 12 to build and deliver initiatives for our cohort members to connect and create a collective legacy of women+ empowerment.

Previously as a peer-mentor, Nicole and her group launched an international social media campaign #TheyMapThePath to recognize women+ mapping the path forward in the GIS industry. Their movement generated ripples of celebration and appreciation for trailblazers and leaders on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Nicole also co-founded Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS) Canada, addressing a gap in Canadian professional geospatial organizations and bringing together local Conservation GIS specialists and enthusiasts. She developed the community platform and is co-leading a team of five to build capacity for their community and leadership team.

Nicole is committed to connecting, engaging, and inspiring geospatial communities from across the world, through which we grow together to achieve more.