Laxmi N. Goparaju

Dr. Laxmi. N. Goparaju is an Environmentalist, a science communicator, a Kathak dancer and an inspiring storyteller, who believes that geospatial technology has the potential to find tangible solutions to real-world problems. Most of her works focus on protecting the environment and natural resources. She is a self-motivated individual committed to the development of women.

Laxmi has empowered women and girls in countless events and encouraged them to pursue STEM. Her present role as a Scientific Advisor at Vindhyan Ecology and Natural History Foundation has made a strong impact and increased the use of geospatial technology in protecting and conserving the tropical forests and the Sloth Bears of the Vindhyan highlands.

Holding a doctoral degree in Environmental science and technology, Goparaju started her research career at National Remote Sensing Centre in India where she spent 5 years as a Junior and Senior Research Fellow. She was associated with the Indian Space Research Organization Geosphere and Biosphere Project named: ‘Community Diversity Assessment in Vindhyans using Remote Sensing and GIS’ which was also her topic for her Thesis.

She is the founder of Geo Sakhi, an online learning platform & community for geospatial women enthusiasts. She has successfully organized a MASTERCLASS which provided free quality education on trending geospatial topics to more that 500 underprivileged youth which helped them regain and enhance their skills, helping them to join the mainstream.

She is also the regional ambassador of ASIA (2021-22), Women in Geospatial +. She represented WiG+in the GeoWomen panel at SgGeoFest 2021 in Singapore. Her presentations have highlighted the building of an inclusive and diverse community and empowering women.

She likes to involve herself in team building, women empowering and capacity development. Besides this, she engages herself by writing on topical issues related to ecology, global warming, and climate change at ThinktoSustain. She visited many schools virtually during the pandemic through Skypeascientist and had fascinating conversations with children about space science.
Her tutoring and guidance as a mentor at Women in GIS+; African Women in GIS and STEM Mentorship GOALS Mentor Meet and Greet Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum New York has proved beneficial for many students.