Mentorship Launchpad

The Mentorship Launchpad contains key links, information and resources for cohort members taking part in the Mentorship Programme. You can check back in on this page throughout your mentorship journey to make sure you don’t miss anything.


Getting Started

Follow the steps outlined below to get started individually and with your mentorship group or pair.

Individual Steps

Finish your individual induction to the Mentorship Programme by completing the following steps…

Personal Information Form

Fill in the Personal Information Form to complete your registration.

Join the Mentorship Discord Server

If you haven’t already, join the Mentorship Programme’s Discord server (check your emails for the invite link)


Celebrate with your network by using one of our social media badges – download them here or here!


Next steps for your pair or group

Get started with your mentorship by completing the steps below…

Arrange your first meeting

It’s time to meet with your partner or group! Arrange a meeting with them in October.

Complete your Mentorship Agreement

During your first meeting complete the Mentorship Agreement Form by 22rd October to set your pair or group’s priorities for the programme.

Meet your Mentorship Coordinator

Your Mentorship Coordinator will be in touch to arrange a meeting with your pair/group to check you’re settled in an to answer any questions.


Legacy Idea Form

Submit your legacy idea form, outlining your legacy idea, by 24th November

Legacy Submission Form

Submit your legacy output and your cohort celebration video by 12th May

Legacy Guidance

Don’t forget to check the Legacy guidance in the Programme Guide and in the Programme Resources folder on Google Drive.

Programme Resources

These resources are specially produced for you to provide you with the support and information you need for a successful and beneficial mentorship experience.

Programme Guide

A guide providing you with all the information about the Programme that you need. Check back regularly to keep yourself refreshed!

Mentorship Guide

A guide to effective mentorship to allow you to make the most out of your time in the cohort.

Programme Resources Folder

A Google Drive folder containing useful Programme and mentorship resources



Key Dates

  • 2nd October 2023 – Mentorship matches announced and cohort begins
  • Early October – meet with your mentorship partner or group and complete the Mentorship Agreement Form
  • 22nd October – Mentorship Agreement Form due
  • Mid-Late October – Meet with your Mentorship Coordinator
  • 24th November – Submit your Legacy Idea via the form
  • December – Receive legacy idea feedback from your Mentorship Coordinator
  • January to May 2024 – Develop and create your legacy alongside your mentorship
  • February – Mid-programme check in calls with your Mentorship Coordinator
  • 19th May – Legacy submission deadline
  • 19th May – Mentorship Programme concludes
  • June – celebrate your success with the Cohort Celebration Video. Mentorship certificates issued.



Other Useful Resources


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