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20 July 2022 | OnlineFinding the Balance with our Different Hats

As a Woman+ in Geospatial, we juggle various responsibilities in our personal and professional lives constantly trying to find that balance. Katie Grillo and Helen Cooper share their own experiences, the different hats they wear each day of the week and some tips that may have helped them. The webinar was moderated by W+G Events Lead Esther Ogbu.

26 May 2022 | OnlineCracking Open The Technical Interview Black Box

Tova Perlman, Heather Peacock and Melissa Sullivan shared useful advice on how to complete technical interviews well, what to do when you can’t complete them and how best to answer technical questions. The session was moderated by Jo Wilkin.

18 May 2022 | Online3 Mental Muscles and the concept of ‘inner saboteurs’

Sandra Jitianu and Matei Stanculescu introduced us to our ‘inner saboteurs’ and shared helpful tips on how to train three specific mental muscles so that we can improve our performance, positive thinking and well-being. The session was moderated by Olive Powell.

20 April 2022 | OnlineBuilding up your speaker portfolio

Join Asimina Syriou, Rose Waswa, Sarah Taigel and Isaiah Blessing, when they share their experience how they built up their confidence in public speaking and a portfolio as an event and conference speaker. The webinar was moderated by W+G Events Lead Esther Ogbu.

8 September 2021 | OnlineGeospatial Writing

Anusuya Datta, Jasmine Fleming, Rhian French and Gavin Schrock joined as part of the Women in Geospatial+ webinar series and share their advice on how to make an impact with writing. The webinar was moderated by Petra Millarova.

5 May 2021 | OnlineImpact Masterclass

Dr. Vanessa Collingride is author and BBC broadcaster and in this webinar, she shared how to make a personal and professional impact when pitching, presenting and communicating. The webinar was moderated by Helen Cooper and not recorded.

8 April 2021 | OnlineGeospatial Careers – Lessons from a professional coach

Thierry Gregorius from True Horizon Coaching provided insights on geospatial careers and shared his advice on how to progress professionally.

25 February 2021 | OnlineTips to overcome Impostor Syndrome

Isabella Convertini from what3words shared her tips and advice on how to overcome imposter syndrome. This webinar was moderated by Rohini Swaminathan & Sarah Temilade Adekola.

16 December 2020 | OnlineBoost your career – Public Speaking 101

Monica Swiderska is a Toastmasters International Public Speaking Trainer and shared her top tips on how to improve your public speaking skills. The event was moderated by Alina Vizireanu and not recorded.

19 November 2020 | OnlineTop 10 Tips – Personal Branding on LinkedIn

Cyhana Lena Williams (LinkedIn Coach and Program Manager at Microsoft) shared her expert advice on how to boost your personal branding LinkedIn. The event was moderated by Rohini Swaminathan and not recorded.

7 October 2020 | OnlineHow to create a standout CV

PR expert Sarah Webb from my MYCVMENTOR.CO.UK shared her top tips on how to create a CV that stands out. This webinar was for W+G members-only and not recorded.

8 September 2020 | OnlineFurther Careers: Advice for those looking to the future

Listen to a panel of four experienced women from the geospatial industry who share their experience in their career choices, options and challenges they have faced.

1 September 2020 | OnlineEarly Careers: How to land that first job?

Listen to a panel of young women who share their experiences, career advice and tips on how to approach the job market as a recent graduate.

8 July 2020 | OnlineHow to gain professional confidence?

A panel of geospatial experts discussed various ways of how to gain professional confidence.

1 July 2020 | OnlineWhere are the women speakers?

During this webinar, we launched the Women+ in Geospatial speakers database and discussed with community leaders how to increase diversity at conferences and events.


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